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Wow, has it been a whole year already?

sordak and I have been s-l-o-w-l-y writing (in my case massively revising) our stories.

Last year Titans' Travels, the continuation of The Roman View (an alternate history of Ancient Rome) had recently started.

I'm still nattering (and carping) on Make A Wish Upon Tomorrow, and I've been attempting to review books and stories I've been reading lately.

Our site is also 'hosting' (with permission I am re-posting and editing) a series of vignetts by my heart sister under the title of Other-wheres and Other-whens that take place in another reality and involves magic, Fey-folk, unicorns and sentient animals.

I hope some of you will take a few minutes to look over our drabblings and maybe leave a comment. Or mention one (or all) of them to your friends.

words to the wretches

Oh My Heart, Oh My Soul

Cottington dropped the desiccated pixie’s body into the boiler's holding box and turned the stoking mechanism that fed the fire. A decently dried pixie corpse would give a good six good hours of steady heat. One of the pixie’s wings caught in the mechanism and Cottington grabbed a small poker to push it through to the grate, slamming the holding box door as the pixie flared.

“Charles!” he called, “Open the number two, and watch the pressure on the Professor’s device.”

“Got it, old man!” Charles Porter’s voice echoed from the rear of the hanger. “I know my business, thank you!”

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Roman view

Titans' Travels

Caesar's narrative in the alternate history story by Michael L. Coburn - The Roman View - has ended, but the adventure is continuing with Little Brother's adventures in Titans' Travels.

The Fall of Rome is being derailed even further when Little Brother chases after monsters discovered in a hidden room under Caesar's Palace. Updates are posted weekly on Sundays.
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